Top Recipe Tips for Tomato Week

Some people feel that Tomatoes are more of a winter preserver rather than early spring, but they are wrong. As of May 16th it is officially National Tomato Week, so we are celebrating with the best way we know how, with preserving!

We have put together some simple ideas on how you can use your new jars and bottles to make the most out of the left over Tomatoes you may have and enjoy some new tasty treats along the way.

  1. Tomato Salsa

    lakeland-tomato-salsa Image Courtesy of: Lakeland

    Nothing better than enjoying some fresh salsa on your Mexican food, BBQ's and salads this summer. It also works as a great crisp dip at parties for when you have some friends over, I am sure they will appreciate you going that extra mile and making fresh salsa. You can find one of our favourite salsa recipes right here.


  2. Tomato Jam

    tomato-ketchup-kilner Image Courtesy of: Kilner UK

    Nope, jam doesn't just need to be made from berries. Why not try and make something a little different to the usual preserving session and whip up some Tomato jam. We love to have it as a dip for meat dishes (yup, it basically replaces tomato ketchup for us), it also work's really well with bagels and pate dishes.

  3. Keep your Cherry Tomatoes in a Jar

    kilner-1L Image Courtesy of: Williams Sonoma

    You don't necessarily need to make some preserves from the tomatoes. How about keeping them fresh in your fridge for longer by adding them to a big Kilner Jar. Keeping them locked tight in a jar will keep them fresh for longer and leave the taste sweeter.

  4. Make a salad

    Image Courtesy of: Union Jacks Restaurant Image Courtesy of: Union Jacks Restaurant

    It might seem like a really simple concept but it is all the rage at the moment. We see so many people sharing their images of salads in Jam Jars and to be honest it looks great! We think a small salad for your lunches would look great in our 250ml Glass Trento Jar.

    If you have any great ideas on how to use Tomatoes, not just for National Tomato Week but all year round, we would love to hear from you on social media. Follow and tweet us at: @JamJar_Shop.

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