5 Ways You Can Use Kilner Jars

Kilner jars, we all love them and no doubt have them dotted around the house somewhere. But there is more to a Kilner jar than you might think, the possibilities of their use never ends. So we thought we would create a short article on some of the great ways we have seen Kilner jars being used.

The Lunch Box 

Say goodbye to your ordinary lunch box and make room for a jar! So many people are now using Kilner Jars as a way to carry their lunch to and from work. It's especially perfect if you're trying to reduce portion sizes...

kilner-lunch-med Image Credit: https://twitter.com/amybethellice

Sweet Tooth

We have a massive sweet tooth here at Jam Jar Shop (obviously) so we adore the way that people use Kilner Jars for their desserts. If you have a dinner party planned soon then this could be a great way of making things a little different for your guests, it also looks amazing too!

kilner-dessert-med Image Credit: http://www.kilnerjar.co.uk/passion-fruit-coulis#cms-content-top

Pimms O'clock

It is officially summer, so a bottle of Pimms is a necessity, right? If you're a fan of a tipple then why not add your cucumber and and berries to a Kilner jar this summer time instead of a regular glass. If you're not a fan of alcohol then fill it with some homemade lemonade, which will go down a treat.

kilner-pimms-med Image Credit: http://blog.kilnerjar.co.uk/post/123719729196/wimbledon-recipe-pimms-iced-tea

Light it Up

We have seen so many amazing ways of using Kilner jars as light, but some of them require a professional electrician to help you wire them up correctly. So we have chosen this decorative piece, it's a great way of adding more light to a room with some simple fairy lights.

kilner-light-med Image Credit: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/265348548/kilner-jar-fairy-lights-lamp-fairy

Store it Away

One of the most inventive ways of using Kilner jars is for storage and not just as jars. This idea has gone as far as glueing lids to a shelf and screwing the jar from underneath, such an amazing idea if you're short on space around the house.

kilner-storage-med Image Credit:http://www.popsugar.com/home/Mason-Jar-Storage-Idea-19937915

These were just a few of our favourite ways of using Kilner jars, but we would love to hear about how you're using yours at the moment?

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