The Best Flavours of September

September is here and it seems like summer lasted all of two minutes. Our favourite season for preserving has come and swiftly disappeared. But we are not too sad, as September and Autumn offer us some of the best flavours that just can't be enjoyed during the summer months.

Because of that we thought we would share with you, some of our favourite flavours of Setpember and how you can use them in your recipes.


Beetroot, it can definitely be one of those ingredients that you either love or hate. Here at Jam Jar Shop we absolutely love using Beetroot in some of our recipes. Take this Beetroot Jam recipe for example; it's perfect with a great cheese board and crackers, which is one of our favourite things to enjoy during Autumn/Winter.

beetroot-jam-september-flavours Image credit:


Ok, so we do enjoy these pretty much all year round but they're at their tastiest during the month of September. It's time to stock up and enjoy them along with some other ingredients. We believe that chutneys are the definition of Autumn and Winter. Because of that we recommend mixing them with some tomatoes to get a really tangy treat for your fresh baked breads.

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

One of the best things about the Autumn is how many nuts you can eat/add to recipes. We had never thought of creating a chestnut jam until we did some research. We found that it actually works great with desserts, do you think you will give this one a go?

chestnut-jam-september-flavours Image Credit:


Nothing says Autumn like, spices! Most of our customers will have all tried to make a spiced pear pie/tart, and smothered it in custard for a tasty cold evening treat. We really enjoy making a batch of spiced pear jam, a recipe that is great to add to any sweet treat you might be indulging in this month.

pear-jam-september-flavours Image Credit:

We would love to know whether you have tried these recipes before, and if so what you thought of them? Please tell us your favourite flavour of Autumn and Winter and it might make it into our next blog post.

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